Senior Employee Screening

A judicious and comprehensive pre-employment check, especially when engaging an individual at senior management level, can save an organization a considerable amount of time and capital.

Failure to conduct a comprehensive background assessment of potential candidates is likely to affect the overall management hierarchy of the organization, as these influences will permeate.

Extensively equipped to examine international subscriber databases, besides conducting litigation and adverse media checks, Alea Consulting provides its clients necessary support of:

  • Maintaining high levels of confidentiality and transparency
  • Utilizing broad resources to confirm the legitimacy of past and current records claimed by the senior candidate
  • Conducting 60+ checks associated with education and employment history, adverse listings with regulatory, compliance and enforcement bodies
  • Delivering results within an agreed timeline, allowing organizations to make appropriate decisions associated with the selection of potential candidates

A pre-existing inadvertent listing of an individual can create challenges for the potential employer. Similarly, scenarios involving a common name can create unfounded rumours or allegations.

Since the senior management position in any organization denotes responsibility; a greater accountability is in ensuring a creditable candidate secures the position.