Litigation Support Services

Pertinent intelligence and relevant evidence are vital in bringing resolution to a litigation against corporations, banks and financial institutions. The complexity of the current market scenario makes global corporations vulnerable to actual and virtual threats.

Besides functioning extensively and pro-actively with international law firms, Alea provides the required support by:

    • Conducting asset related inquiries to support financial institutions and lenders
    • Researching and investigating identified and undisclosed assets
    • Determining expert witnesses for the resolution of the disputes in arbitration
    • Obtaining and reviewing evidence with the help of digital forensic tools
    • Delivering defined assessment and solutions to conflicts and disputes
    • Investigating white collar crimes and assist with appropriate legal action against offenders
    • Using its experience in multiple jurisdictions to locate and recover holdings transferred across borders

Besides anonymous complaints and corporate misconducts, the practice of litigation targets fraudulent activities including public corruption, environmental crime and forgery.

A balanced and judicious approach to making strategic decisions by referring to the risk assessment statements can help management fortify their international strategies. A comprehensive consultation and competent solution, while keeping client interest intact, are delivered consistently by Alea.