Asset Discovery Search

Asset search is conducted to initiate a judgement, a loan recovery or as part of a fraud investigation. Asset searches are critical in cases where companies, banks or financial institutions are saddled with non-performing loans.

Research, site visits and relevant investigations are mandated to confirm status of known assets and identify undisclosed assets. The process involves probing and uncovering corporate ownership (for e.g. real estate, bankruptcies, corporate filings, mortgage information, etc.) and personal lifestyle choices (for e.g. paintings, sculptures, luxury vehicles/houses, yachts, jets, horse racing earnings, etc.).

With an extensive and substantial network, Alea supports financial institutions and lenders by:

    • Confirming declared assets (commercial and personal) and ascertain new/undeclared possessions in UK, USA, Dubai, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong
    • Identifying tangible (commercial and personal) and intangible (patent and trademark) resources
    • Conducting site inquiries and inquests to identify and confirm property ownership
    • Revealing fictitious trades through background checks and act of surveillance

In scenarios involving litigation and universal law, asset search is useful in disclosing financial status of an individual or a corporation. In some instances, attachment of assets has been approved after international arbitration.