Senior Employee Screening

Client Brief:
A US-based software client with operations in various countries across Asia required senior employee screening support.

Majority fraudulent activities in organizations are conducted by employees who recognize internal systems, have informal access to them and are aware of loopholes, if any. All the same, trustworthy employees work towards the enhancement of employer’s reputation. This has been confirmed through various fraud investigations and case studies.

A comprehensive screening of employees, as a part of the hiring procedure, should be the initial stage to prevent internal fraud. This enhances integrity and confidentiality in the organization.

The organization in question hired in bulk for a recently secured large contract. Due to the significant number of required employees, a comprehensive screening of individuals by the HR department was not feasible. The company approached Alea to conduct a thorough screening of shortlisted senior employees.

Alea’s Role:
Based on the profile of each applicant, senior managers at Alea detailed the brief required for the comprehensive background check. The process to verify and validate important information was initiated. While inspecting one of the applicants, Alea discovered there were two versions of his resume – one had been submitted to an online job portal and another had been submitted to the client.

When the resumes were compared, it was discovered that additional information regarding work experience had been submitted to the online job portal. Alea initiated follow up investigations and detected that the missing entities had financial issues, while another establishment had been entirely omitted from the candidate’s resume. Given that the individual had not been forthcoming and transparent at the initial stage, his application was rejected.

An HR department may be impacted during an expansion and, hence, unable to confirm extensive details related to a candidate. This can lead to engaging individuals without necessary and thorough checks. The organizations may need to rely on external and independent support, as offered by Alea.