Reputational Risk

Client Brief:
An investment bank in India was considering investment with a British citizen of Indian origin.

In India, the health care industry is often referred to as being recession proof. Demand for medical services, particularly for super specialty centres, is booming and medical practitioners from across the globe have relocated to India to set up health care centres.

Alea was mandated to investigate a medical practitioner, who had relocated to India from the UK to establish healthcare operations in India. He had set up several clinics in India over a short period of time and had plans of further expansion. He approached an investment organization to assist with the growth. The organization approached Alea to carry out a background check on the medical practitioner.

Alea’s Role:
The research team at Alea analysed the information provided by the medical practitioner to support his claim and verify his expertise in the medical field.

Since he had spent a considerable number of years in the UK, a detailed verification and background check was conducted in the country on the individual. Additional information on the practitioner’s professional history was obtained from Alea’s local resources.

Despite the significant years of experience in the UK, research confirmed that he had been disqualified from practicing in the country.

Alea’s associates across the globe conduct thorough local research, allowing investors to make informed and timely decisions.