Crisis Management and Security Reviews

Client Brief:
A leading global food & beverage brand with significant household presence.

It is challenging for substantial organizations to ensure consistent inspection of their manufacturing plants located in remote areas. Such locations also become prone to local matters and irregularities.

At the organization’s facility situated in a remote location, adjacent to a village, constant pilferage was reported and the senior management was unable to ascertain the facts. Alea was approached to independently investigate the concern and allow the organization to take appropriate action.

Alea’s Role:
Alea’s senior team made a discreet, but an overt visit to the location to conduct a security review. Thorough investigation and interviews with local staff revealed that women from the village were trespassing the premises to steal products and its fragments.

Moreover, it was revealed that the organization’s security team, entirely comprised of males, were unable to apprehend the women to avoid allegations and disputes.

After accurate analysis of the situation by keeping local and cultural sensitivity in mind, the matter was reported by Alea to the company’s headquarters. Defence systems, including CCTVs, were upgraded and female security personnel were employed to augment protection.